About Rose Forbes Travel Agent



Rose is a passionate active foodie traveler who loves light adventure and immersive experiences in diverse cultures. Originally from Chicago, with stops in the San Francisco Bay area and the mountains of Asheville, NC, she now happily calls the Orlando/Daytona Beach, FL area home. 


Travel Experience and Family


Having never traveled when she was a child, she always had a desire...almost a dream... to see the world.  When she got married in 1990, they both caught the travel bug.  Starting with cruises and road trips, they graduated to Europe on a budget by train and bus and backpacking through the Mediterranean. Moving up to more luxury trips definitely gave her a taste of the sweet life too! She's visited some exotic destinations in Egypt, Morocco, Russia, China and has been to Hawaii 12 times.  She says she may be a little addicted to cruising, having been on 58 ocean cruises for a total of 450+ days at sea. Her daughter, who's now 18, has traveled with them since she was 10 months old. Her daughter's dad and herself now travel separately with new partners, which means their daughter is lucky to get double the travel opportunities now. It's wonderful that Rose gets to introduce many places that she loves as well as explore new destinations with her fiance Dan.  He never traveled much until they started dating 5 years ago. Now he is already prepared to pack his bags and head wherever she leads! He's mostly a mountain and cold-weather guy, so Alaska, Europe in the off season and the Northern US call to him.


Personal Taste


A great trip to Rose is a perfect combination of great food, delicious wines, active outdoor adventures and immersive cultural experiences. Since She's a well seasoned traveler, she likes off-the-beaten-path style trips that keep her out of the main tourist sites and get her into the daily lives of the locals. Having already experienced most of the basic tourist sights, she has developed lots of techniques to beat the crowds so you can make the most of your vacation time abroad.

Being a Vacation Matchmaker/Travel Agent has allowed her to put all her vast experience and knowledge to good use. She loves sharing her unique tips and tricks to develop an itinerary that suits your travel personality.

Although she can book your trip anywhere in the world, Vacation packages, European River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, All-Inclusive Resorts and Escorted Tours.