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About Rose


Rose is a passionate active foodie traveler who loves light adventure and immersive experiences in diverse cultures. 

Originally from Chicago, with stops in the San Francisco Bay area and the mountains of Asheville, NC, 

she now happily calls the Orlando/Daytona Beach, FL area home. 

Travel Experience

Having never traveled when she was a child, she always had a desire...almost a dream... to see the world.  When she got married in 1990, they both caught the travel bug.  Starting with cruises and road trips, they graduated to Europe on a budget by train and bus and backpacking through the Mediterranean. Moving up to more luxury trips definitely gave her a taste of the sweet life too! She's visited some exotic destinations in Egypt, Morocco, Russia and China. She has been to Hawaii 12 times.  She says she may be a little addicted to cruising, having been on 58 ocean cruises for a total of 450+ days at sea. Her daughter, who's now 18, has traveled with them since she was 10 months old. Rose and her daughter's dad now travel separately with new partners, which means their daughter is lucky to get double the travel opportunities. It's wonderful that Rose gets to introduce many places that she loves as well as explore new destinations with her fiance Dan.  He never traveled much until they met in 2013. Now he is already prepared to pack his bags and head wherever she leads! He's mostly a mountain and cold-weather guy, so Alaska, Europe in the off season and the Northern US call to him.

 Rose's Ideal Trip

A great trip to Rose is a perfect combination of great food, delicious wines, active outdoor adventures and immersive cultural experiences. Since She's a pretty seasoned traveler, she likes off-the-beaten-path style trips that keep her out of the main tourist sites and get her into the daily lives of the locals. Having already done most of the basic tourist sights, she has developed lots of techniques to beat the crowds so you can make the most of your vacation time abroad.

Being a Vacation Matchmaker/Travel Agent has allowed her to put all her vast experience and knowledge to good use.  She loves sharing her unique tips and tricks to develop an itinerary that suits your travel personality.

Although she can book your trip anywhere in the world, she specializes in Islands, Cruises and European travel.

Why Choose Rose Forbes Travel?


A Message from Rose:

I'm more than a travel agent...I'm your personal Vacation Matchmaker.  I take the time to learn your travel personality so I can match you to experiences that touch your unique reason for traveling.  Foodies and wine lovers will enjoy an entirely different vacation than active hikers and adventure seekers or history and architecture buffs.  And if you love it all- that's even more fun! 

I eliminate the stress of trip planning from people's lives so they can enjoy seamless vacation experiences that satisfy their personal travel styles.   I connect you with Relaxing Beaches, Restorative Spa and Wellness, Diverse River and Ocean Cruises, Adventurous Rain forests, Delicious Food and Wine, Outdoor Explorations, Girlfriend Getaways, Romantic Couples Retreats and so much more.  

Expect me to ask you lots of questions to help me guide you to the right experiences like-

Where you want to go?

Why you want to travel there?

What do you hope to see, eat, drink?

Are you celebrating anything special?

When you want to go?

What is your preferred budget range or accommodations style?

How long and when would you like to visit? 

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Top Destinations


River Cruises 

Cruising Europe's Rivers is the hottest trend in travel now.  Using a travel agent will assure you get the experience that matches your travel style.Most ancient cities were built along rivers to take advantage of natural resources and transportation routes.  A river cruise allows leisurely stops right in the heart of town.  Whether you choose the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Prague or the Danube River from Prague to Budapest, you'll be experiencing a delightful mix of ancient architecture, important religious sites, delicious regional cuisine and classic wines from award-winning vineyards. Or you can choose to explore the less-traveled rivers like the Po in Italy, Douro in Portugal,  Rhone in France. Or try the exotics like the Yangtze River in China, Mekong in Vietnam/Cambodia, the Nile in Egypt or the Svir/Volga Rivers in Russia. 

Ocean Cruises

A professional cruise planner like Rose Forbes knows how to get you great deals, the best cabins and suggest the best times of the year to travel. New ships are launching each season with advanced technology, new features and innovative designs.  The Caribbean will have more ships this summer than ever before.  Alaska and Europe will also increase the number of ships for summer sailings, which means more of the fast-selling balconies will be available for booking. 

Group Tours

The most efficient way to see Europe or Africa or China is with a group tour.  All the planning is done for you and you're taken care of from the time you land until you return home.  The peace of mind that comes with traveling on an organized tour makes your life easier and stress-free.  Many tour operators offer great deals including free airfare, 2 for 1 fares and amazing amenity packages.  There is a tour package for every budget- from super affordable to upscale luxury. Using a travel agency to book your tours gives you peace of mind knowing they're looking out for your best experience.

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